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Of all the major brokers out there, AvaTrade may well be the most unique. For one thing, they operate entirely within financial regulations in the EU, BVI, South Africa, Japan,… more

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Of all the major brokers out there, AvaTrade may well be the most unique. For one thing, they operate entirely within financial regulations in the EU, BVI, South Africa, Japan, and more- in total, around 150 countries. One thing to note is that AvaTrade is not available to use in the U.S., but traders from other countries will find that AvaTrade offers an enormous amount of bang for your buck. With an enormous number of different platforms to choose from, both automated and manual, and features galore, this is one broker that allows you to trade exactly the way you want to.

The other brokers that we’ve reviewed on our site are mainly geared towards “manual” traders- those who do all their trading by hand, so to speak. While this sort of trading certainly has its advantages- it leaves you in complete control of every trade you make, and lets you use a healthy amount of intuition- it’s not for everyone. Others prefer to use automated trading software and strategies, which can cost hundreds of dollars to buy from other traders and companies. However, AvaTrade includes its own powerful automated trading package built in to the software itself, for no extra charge. All you need to do is cover the costs of the spreads themselves, and the trading software will then get to work on earning the maximum possible return on your investment- perfect!

Your AvaTrade membership gives you a selection of automated software, including the ever-popular ZuluTrade on top of their own in-house Ava AutoTrader system. The latter even comes with an algorithmic trading setting, providing you with even more accurate results on trades. What’s more, you’ll also be provided with a whole host of APIs, the code used to build these automatic trading programs. If you’ve got the technical knowledge, then this will allow you to tweak the code to come up with your very own solutions, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for trading. Right now, there’s no other Forex broker offering a service like this, so AvaTrade really is worth your while if you’re serious about automated trading.

You might think that with so many platforms and features, AvaTrade might be rather tricky to use. In fact, though, it’s one of the most user-friendly brokers out there, with clear and simple menus that you can tweak to your own personal preferences. You can even trade assets from your dashboard with a single click, so you’ll never miss out on a great deal again! The base manual platform used by AvaTrade is MetaTrader 4, a versatile and effective platform that is equally suited to novice traders and experts alike. There’s also the option of using MirrorTrader to replicate the trades of the experts, allowing you to earn big with minimal effort- what’s not to like!

So far, so good- AvaTrade has certainly carved out a unique niche for itself that plenty of traders will love. However, their one-of-a-kind nature doesn’t just stop there- they are also by far the safest trading broker in operation anywhere in the world. That’s because, unlike virtually all other brokers out there, AvaTrade isn’t a freestanding company. Rather, it is actually a subsidiary of a massive multinational corporation with over $17 billion in market capitalization. One of the big risks with trading is in handing your money over to a broker, only to find that they disappear with your money, and you never get a penny of it back. That’s not an issue with AvaTrade, since not only are they part of a large corporation, but they have also taken every step necessary to operate entirely within financial regulations and guidelines in every country that they operate within. Sadly, that does mean that they don’t accept U.S. traders, but it does mean that others get access to a 100% safe platform.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the fact that AvaTrade has one of the lowest minimum deposit amounts that we’ve seen in the trading world. Their minimum deposit is a tiny $100, with a maximum leverage of a whopping 400:1. Of course, higher leverages come with a lot more risk, but this is nevertheless an opportunity for braver traders to make a lot out of a small initial deposit. Withdrawing your money is easy, too, and if you make use of their own Ava Debit Card feature, you can bypass all the tedious paperwork that usually comes with cash withdrawals. A low minimum deposit is also great for beginner traders, letting them get a feel for the platform without risking a lot of money. What’s more, newbies also get access to an incredibly in-depth tutorial center that comes packed with all the info you need to become an expert trader!

So, if you’re looking for something a bit different from all the other brokers out there- and especially if automated trading is more your thing- then AvaTrade is definitely worth a look. The number of different features on offer here is unparalleled, and you’ll soon get to grips with their user-friendly interface, however you like to trade. Since the minimum deposit amount if just $100, there really is no reason not to take the system for a spin yourself, and discover why so many other traders swear by AvaTrade!


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